At my first design job, Heidar Sadeki taught me that good design is about methodology. He gave me a book on Archigram, an experimental architectural movement that envisioned the internet in 1964. From Concerning Archigram…

[It provides a new agenda where nomadism is the dominant social force; where time, exchange and metamorphisis replace stasis; where consumption, lifestyle and transience become the programme; and where public realm is an electronic surface enclosing the globe.]

[This is a new terrain in which information becomes almost a substance, a new material with the power to reshape social arrangements, in which the city becomes a continuous building site in a very literal sense, in which things and people vibrate and oscillate around the globe in an ecstatic consumption of energy, in which the modernist search for the authentic is an anachronism, in which restlessness is the current cultural condition.]




Terry Evans aerial photography.

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