Since my last post: our favorite design blog featured us, a lifestyle magazine reached out to us, and some exciting stores approached us – even a hotel. I also acquired this coat that I now live in and will pass onto my children like the heirloom it is.

Amidst everything, Ben proposed to me in a grocery store which seems fitting for a sponge lady, and unlike all the time I spend navigating uncertainty and decision making, this was an easy YES.

There also came some bad news. The kind of bad news that feels too big to know what to do with. The kind of bad news that makes you slow down and take stock of things.

We went to California to slow down. And as we toured around attending conferences, visiting shops and making plans, we also re-aligned ourselves.

We breathed in redwoods, learned about natural winemaking, rode rollercoasters, made home-cooked meals, bathed in wildflowers, drove along the coast, drank whisky, and ate tacos to our hearts’ content.

We spent time with familiar people and places. The ones that slow you down, sometimes to the tune of siestas and long twilight conversations. The ones that don’t diminish with time or distance because their beauty is too practical to not appreciate, or emerge from completely changed.

Thank you California for being our tailwind.

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