A little late on this week’s post because it’s Chinese New Year and that means flowers.

I have this grand plan for Sqwishful and while every version of it leads to a small, bio-fuel float plane docked outside of a jungle whisky bar, there are so many ways of getting there, and it’s taking awhile. Has it only been a month?

Okay so this month there have been many directions and opportunities. And like coming across a stoop sale or any mention of free things – I have to imagine every potential.

When I learned of overseas shops wanting to stock us, I immediately imagined our sponges alighting some foreign port and being couriered away to their new, exotic homes. Then, reality caught on and I spent the next few days pouring over spreadsheets and obsessing over “what ifs.”

Ben calls this “drifting,” or when an aircraft moves slightly off course due to weather or wind. “When you learn to fly, every 15 minutes you check your tracking and if you find you’re off track, you do a quick calculation to get back on course. It’s the 1 in 60 rule.”

I have no idea how to fly but I definitely drift so it’s comforting to know it’s sort of a science, and maybe it’s okay to stop every time you see a stoop full of old, but impeccably tasteful things..

Anyways, 新年快乐! Some very exciting news soon. For now, spreadsheets.

? LISTEN to PM Dawn’s “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”

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