I get asked a lot about why I decided to make sponges.

One reason was discovering how the near billion dollar sponge industry leaves behind uncountable waste in its pursuit of profit.

Another reason was seeing an opportunity to transform our idea about something ordinary, by getting away from making sponges that clean but don’t actually leave the world cleaner, and going “back to purity, back to simplicity” in the words of Dieter Rams.

I think the biggest reason is that I’m an insatiable optimist and obsessive cleaner.

I get misty when I see beautifully clean surfaces, especially when natural materials are being used to their fullest potential. Like the silencing effect of a perfectly marbled floor, or the draw of a striking terrazzo countertop – sponges should be the same, thoughtful expressions of the sustainable materials that go into them.

So, I’m a sponge lady now. And words cannot describe the joy I feel seeing our sponges making their way into homes and bringing with them our “less, but better” philosophy and cheer.

Best Sqwishes,

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Today, we are launching Sqwishful.

I’m overwhelmed by the support of family and friends! Thank you for making sponges a favorite topic of conversation. There’s a special kind of joy that comes from knowing you’re the person people think of, when they see a sponge.

I’m especially grateful for the work and talents of House of 207. Thank you for making the best sponge identity, packaging, and website anyone’s ever seen.

My warmest thanks to the creatives and businesses who have helped shape us, and a special thanks to Linyee Yuan for taking me on a trip that inspired us.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Ben Hansen for greeting my insatiable optimism with unbridled enthusiasm. This would not be possible without your love and endless snacks.

Yoko Ono said it best, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Together, we are inspiring change, and a community of design lovers, conscious cleaners, and positive thinkers — one Sqwishful sponge at a time.

Happy new year!

Best Sqwishes,